interest rate hike

China's Christmas Rate Hike Drags Banking Shares Lower

China's 25 basis point hike in the one-year base lending rate sent banks spiraling and crippled real estate shares. The Shanghai Composite Index sank 1.9%, but in Japan the Nikkei 225 Index rose 0.8%. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange was closed for the Christmas holiday.

How to Tell If It's Time to Switch Banks

The consumer advocates at the Center for Responsible Lending have released a checklist of tough questions people should ask their banks to make sure their needs are being met -- and and to ensure they aren't paying unnecessary fees.

Despite Pressure, the Fed Is Low on Options

Home sales are way down, unemployment is still high, and investors are waiting for the Federal Reserve to take action. But while passions run high about what the Fed should do next, its ability to move the needle on GDP growth or unemployment may be more limited than most assume.