intel chips

Intel Unveils Groundbreaking New Chip Technology

Intel announced plans Wednesday to begin high-volume manufacturing of chips with its long-awaited tri-gate transistors, a move that analysts say will put it far ahead of its competitors in the long-term with regards to its ability to shrink the size of computer chips and enhance their power.

Intel Chip Flaw Delays HP and Dell Computers

Two days after Intel halted shipments of its 6 Series chipset, announcing it had found a flaw in the design, HP and Dell have warned that some of their new computers include the chips. Samsung also began offering refunds on PCs with the Intel chip Tuesday.

Intel Will Have to Prove Itself All Over Again in 2011

2010 hasn't been a happy year for Intel. Its stock is up just 2% compared to the Nasdaq's 17% rise, and there's a growing sense that the explosive growth of smartphones and tablets will shrink the market for the PC chips that produce three-quarters of Intel's revenue. But the chip giant has a plan.