Dow Adds 146 Points on Solid Earnings and Outlooks

Stocks vaulted higher Tuesday after a strong start to the second-quarter earnings season, as industrial bellwethers Alcoa and CSX reassured the market about the pace of the economic recovery. The Dow added 147 points, and all three major averages extended their winning streaks.

Preview: A New Earnings Season Kicks Off

Second-quarter earnings reports start coming in this week when Alcoa releases its latest results on Monday. This week's other anticipated quarterly reports include those from industry bellwethers Intel, Google and JPMorgan Chase.

Face-Off on Stocks: Starbucks, Intel, Del Monte

There's a lot to be said for reliable dividend paying stocks in any market and if they can offer a smidgen of safety in uncertain equity waters, well, so much the better. In this video, Dan Burrows and Nikhil Hutheesing give their "thumbs-up, thumbs-down" views on three dividend plays.

HP Investigated for Possible Bribery

Hewlett-Packard executives in Germany are being investigated for allegedly paying bribes to win a contract in Russia. The amounts of the bribes could be in the millions of dollars.

Sun cuts 3,000 jobs in slap at EU

Several weeks ago, Oracle (ORCL) said that Sun Microsystems (JAVA), which it is in the process of buying, is losing $100 million a month due to EU...

How many app stores are too many?

Intel (INTC) has announced it will create an app store for its Atom chip, the processor used to power small netbooks. Paul Otellini, Intel's CEO,...

Intel boosts guidance, high-tech hopes

Nearly two years after the onset of the worst recession in generations, encouraging signs continue to emerge, bringing cautious optimism to workers,...

Texas Instruments lifts 2Q forecasts

Texas Instruments (NYSE:TXN) said that its second quarter numbers would be better than expected Monday, another small indication that the economy,...

Google's new antitrust problems

Intel (INTC) is likely to be facing an aggressive Federal Trade Commission investigation into its competitive practices after the E.U. hit it with a...