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RIM Takes a Risk with BlackBerry Messenger App

Research In Motion's plans to make its superb BlackBerry Messenger service available as an app on Androids and iPhones will get its signature software in front of a wider audience. But will RIM's initiative win new customers, or cannibalize its already failing market share?

Motorola Targets Microsoft With Patent Infringement Suit

In the latest round of a fight between two technology giants, Motorola punched back at Microsoft Wednesday with a patent infringement lawsuit. Its subsidiary, Motorola Mobility, filed 16 infringement claims against the software giant over its Windows mobile software, as well as its PC and server software and Xbox products.

TweetSwitch Offers a New Way to Twitter

Tweeting is already an extremely easy task but an increasingly popular service called TweetSwitch is making it even easier. London-based Comufy, which provides the TweetSwitch service, makes it possible for you to send tweets from your instant messaging software or email software. No need to log on to

TTYL: AOL May Sell its Instant Messaging Service ICQ

AOL may sell its ICQ instant messaging service, which is popular overseas, as the online media company looks to focus on generating content for its wide range of websites. Binding offers have been submitted by at least three foreign players, reports say, and ICQ could fetch around $300 million.

Fired for Playing Fantasy Football?

A 26-year-old employee at Fidelity Investments was fired for playing fantasy football while at work, violating company rules against gambling. The incident raises an interesting question: Do younger workers, raised on the Internet, understand the difference between work and play?

Kill your IM faux pas

Every office has one; the guy who saves every note, every email, every IM that he might be able to use to cover his ass and deflect blame, sometimes...