Is Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos the Next Steve Jobs?

There will never be another Steve Jobs. Apple's iconic co-founder was one of a kind for a host of reasons, but the aspect Apple will miss the most is Jobs the master marketer. Enter Jeff Bezos: The Amazon boss may have they insight to be the tech world's next gadget visionary.

Google's Future: Can Larry Page Make It a Winner Again?

Google has been dead money for the last year -- up just 3% vs. 12.6% for the S&P 500. The Internet giant's biggest problem is its inability to diversify its revenue sources. Author Peter Cohan pulls out his Innovation Quotient to suggest how new CEO Larry Page might correct that.

Big Pharma Looks Beyond Drugs to Smartphone Apps

Pharmaceutical companies looking for fresh sources of profit are increasingly investing in a range of health care innovations that aren't drugs at all, from smartphone apps and educational websites to social media platforms and wireless devices, reports Ernst & Young.

How Long Is America's Road Back to Full Employment?

There's no way to sugarcoat it: The U.S. job deficit is huge, and it will take years before we return to anyone's idea of full employment. But investors shouldn't become pessimistic: Our flexible economy%u2019s has the capacity to adapt and renew itself faster than many experts expect.

R&D Spending Fell in 2009 for the First Time in a Decade

Corporate America took a tightfisted approach to its future last year, leading to an overall 3.5% decline in research and development spending at major industry titans, the first such drop in over a decade, according to a Booz & Co. survey cited by The Wall Street Journal.

Is this the Era of an Economically Irrelevant America?

There are people around the world rubbing their hands with glee at America's supposed collapse, pundits who say this nation is so bankrupt that it has become irrelevant. But author, venture capitalist and DailyFinance columnist Peter Cohan says don't write America's obituary just yet.

Can Russia Bring Silicon Valley to Moscow?

Russian President Dimitry Medvedev visited California this week in an attempt to establish economic ties with the U.S. -- and to entice Russian entrepreneurs to set up shop back home.

The U.S. Economic System Is Still the Nation's Best Hope

No matter what some critics assert about "an America that's changed forever" or "an America on the verge of Armageddon," the U.S. remains one of the freest, fairest nations in the world -- and this has led to wave after wave of innovation. That should happen yet again.

Is a Foreign Brain Drain Drying Up Silicon Valley?

Well regarded tech entrepreneur Vivek Wadhwa warns a talent fleeing the U.S. for India and China is threatening innovation here. But at a popular Valley eatery, you can see -- and hear -- a very different picture of the global talent sustaining the area's companies.

Scenes From the Geekfest at SXSW Interactive

More than 13,000 people come to South by Southwest Interactive in Austin to launch new products, play, learn -- and party. It's become one of the hottest tech shows in the country for creative types to network with geeks.

Pharma 3.0: Drugmakers Adapt to Tech World

Pharmaceuticals are beginning realize that the future of health care will be wireless, consumer-centric and tech driven, and they will need to start working with IT companies, retailers, telecoms, mobile phone networks if they plan to succeed in the new world of medicine.

Washington's Job Plans Miss the Real Point

Both the Senate and the White House have proposals for creating more much-needed jobs. Either would add slightly to an already-massive deficit, and either would help at least a little. But neither plan gets at what the U.S. really needs: growth led by innovation.