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A Glimmer of Hope on the Employment Front

More than half of large U.S. businesses that reduced staff in the last year plan to rebuild their workforces to pre-recession levels within two years, according to a recent report by employment-consultancy Accenture.

IBM Earnings: Return of IT Spending Helps Profits Top Estimates

A small boost in corporate info-tech spending helped lift IBM's first-quarter earnings a bit over last year, beating forecasts. Big Blue reported $22.9 billion in revenues and profits of $2.6 billion, or $1.97 a share. But investors were looking for more, and the stock is losing some steam in after-hours trading.

No Quick Impact From Cisco's Speedy New Router

Routers are crucial Internet traffic cops that direct data along its congested main arteries. And Cisco's super-hyped super-fast router promises to help network operators keep up with ever-increasing demands. But those big customers won't be too quick to take out their checkbooks.

Free IT training for unemployed

Jeff Foster saw the writing on the wall a year ago when he was laid off as a project manager for a construction company in North Carolina. Foster...

The Tech Sector May Be Getting Its Mojo Back

Cisco's positive earnings reflected a broader good news story among technology companies, which seem to be enjoying a recovery. During the second quarter, the networking gear maker's revenue climbed to $9.8 billion -- up 8% from the year-ago quarter. But will the tech rebound last?

Intel's Strong Quarter Fuels Optimism for Tech

Intel's fourth quarter profits handily beat Wall Street's expectations, suggesting the tech industry is on the leading edge of the U.S. economic recovery. The world's No. 1 chip-maker also forecast a strong first quarter of 2010.

IT and the Art of Efficiency

Higher productivity is good for both companies and workers, but where do improvements in productivity come from? The second entry in a three-part series exploring efficiency in the workplace.