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Why You're 45% Poorer and What You Can Do About It

The average American household suffered a huge drop in wealth because of the financial crisis, according to a survey released by the Federal Reserve. How did this happen -- and more importantly, what can you do about it?

As Companies Beat Estimates in 2011, Expect Stocks to Soar

Will Stocks Rise asLast year, stocks rose as cost-cutting helped businesses set record profits. But its not too late to buy in, says venture capitalist Peter Cohan: With the corporate world's focus shifting to sales growth, and profits likely to beat expectations, stocks still look undervalued. Companies Beat Revenue Estimates?

10 Investing Facts You Probably Don't Know

The securities industry spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year in advertising, but that doesn't mean you're getting the straight scoop. The financial media doesn't always help, either. So, as you contemplate investing for 2011, here are 10 facts to keep in mind.

The 'Unlucky' Way to Double Your Investment Returns

What if you could increase your investment returns more than 200% by simply understanding the role of luck versus skill in investing? Several recent studies have shown how, and if ever there was information the securities industry didn't want you to have, this is it.

How to Beat Jim Cramer's Portfolio for Free

Finance expert Dan Solin has a simple gripe with CNBC's Jim Cramer: The "Mad Money" host acts like he has some special insight into the markets that is of value to investors, despite clear evidence that he doesn't. So how can you get better returns than Cramer? Read on.

Why Individual Stock-Picking Is Harder Than Ever

Whether investors can outwit the broader market over the long run is a perennial, hotly debated, topic. But computerized trading and virtual baskets of stocks are making the discerning of specific companies' fortunes matter less and less.

The Secret to Investing in Turbulent Times

Determine how much risk you can take and divide your assets between stocks and bonds. Then purchase low-cost, passively managed stock and bond index funds matched to your ability to withstand risk.

Russell Rebalance Makes for a Volitile Friday

On Friday, after the market closes, the Russell Investment Group will announce how it will rebalance its indexes in the annual event known as the Russell Reconstitution, the ripple effects of which will be felt as a brief, high-energy tremor through the stock markets.

ETF Lessons From the May 6 Flash Crash

The Flash Crash of May 6 was a day of reckoning of sorts for investors in exchange-traded funds. ETFs didn't cause the meltdown, but they were certainly among its victims.

Take the Seinfeld Approach to Market Volatility and Do Nothing

Market turmoil always brings out "experts" dispensing bad advice on what you should do with your money immediately. But if you've stuck to sound investment basics -- appropriate allocations in low-cost index funds -- you should just sit tight and do nothing.

Vanguard Founder Says Indexing Still Rules

After decades in investing, the philosophy of Vanguard Funds Founder John C. Bogle hasn't changed: The stock market is a game that investors cannot win. The champion of indexing says buying every stock on an index to reduce volatility is the only surefire way to succeed.

Seven Reasons to Avoid the Stock Market in 2010

Here are a few: If you think you can pick winning stocks or mutual fund, or if you intend to rely on a broker or financial adviser to help you beat the market. In general, most people will be far better off if they simply steer clear of the stock market.

Hot New Debt Securities

There was a time not long ago when nobody knew what an ETF was. Now, just when you've gotten accustomed to ETFs, you've probably begun hearing a bit of buzz around their cousins, the ETNs: exchange-traded notes. Here's what every investor should know.

Traveling abroad for better returns

While there's no place like home, sometimes you have to get out of your own backyard -- and that includes investing. Impressive growth in emerging...