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South Korea Pours Cold
Water on Gold Rush

While gold bugs believe the world's central banks will rush into gold, central bankers haven't gotten the memo. The Bank of Korea becomes the latest to downplay the notion that it will buy gold to diversify out of the dollar.

Bullish Reports See Stocks, Dividends Rising in 2010

If two new reports are accurate, investors have something to cheer about heading into 2010. Goldman Sachs strategists predict the Standards and Poors index will rise by another 13 percent. Meanwhile, some analysts predict that dividend payouts will rise by as much as 8.9 percent.

Fed Not Ready to Raise Rates Anytime Soon

With the economic recovery still on fragile ground, crippled by a 10 percent unemployment rate, Ben Bernanke reaffirms the Federal Reserve's position to hold the brakes on a key interest rate for the foreseeable future.

Bailout Program Expected to Cost Taxpayers $200B Less

Now that many of the biggest banks have repaid their bailout loans, the Obama administration plans to cut the projected cost of TARP by $200 billion. But one big bank itching to repay Uncle Sam is reportedly facing a major hurdle.

Too Many Android Models?

The quickly rising popularity of cell phones powered by Google's new mobile operating system is making one cohort of the mobile phone ecosystem nervous: Application developers could suffer if they need to keep tweaking code to work with multiple models.

Who's writing the Forbes tell-all?

As sexy workplaces go, Forbes ranks somewhere far below Vogue, the (fictionalized) setting of The Devil Wears Prada. But the venerable business title...

A New Record High for Gold

Thank the Incredible Shrinking Dollar. The Federal Reserve wants a cheap buck to help boost exports and create jobs, but so far it's just made central banks and institutional investors at home and abroad feel pretty stupid holding rapidly depreciating greenbacks. So, they're dumping dollars and hording gold.