Apple Event Preview: iPad Minis and iMacs and Mac Minis, Oh My!

Until very recently, the iPad mini has been the stuff of legend -- a Bigfoot, Atlantis, unicorn style legend. But no more: The iPad mini is finally real, as CEO Tim Cook has unveiled the slightly smaller Apple tablet on stage. No reason to delay the details any more. Here's the story.

The Financial Upside to Buying Your Kid an iPad

How does this savvy business journalist justify buying a new iPad for an 11-year-old? Three ways that are educational, one way that's parental, and one -- believe it or not -- that's essentially financial.

Reviving the Dying Desktop

No one bothered to tell Apple or its loyal customers that desktops were going the way eight-track tapes and rotary phones. Its computer sales surpassed estimates in October and November, thanks largely to the strength in desktops.

Jobs back on the job at Apple

Steve Jobs is back to work as the head of Apple (AAPL). After a six-month medical leave, Jobs will be working from his Cupertino, Calif.-based...