iPhone 4 antenna

Apple's Top iPhone Hardware Executive Exits

Mark Papermaster, Apple's senior executive for iPhone hardware, has left the company, leaving behind a firestorm of controversy surrounding the iPhone 4 and its antenna problems, and the resultant complaints about reception.

Rivals to Steve Jobs: No Antenna Problems Here

Research In Motion wasn't thrilled when Apple CEO Steve Jobs claimed the iPhone 4's antenna problem is common throughout the industry, including on the BlackBerry, and called Apple's actions "unacceptable." Nokia and HTC aren't amused either.

Antenna Woes Won't Speed Up New iPhone Release

Despite a firestorm of complaints about the iPhone 4's antenna problems, experts say Apple will likely stick to its usual schedule for releasing new iPhone versions. Instead, a fix for the iPhone 4's defect may be incorporated in the device's new production run.

Apple's BP Moment: Will Steve Jobs Stop the iPhone Damage?

Apple has hurriedly called a press conference Friday to address the iPhone 4's antenna problems. But Jobs & Co. may have a BP problem -- it urgently needs to address the phone's defect candidly and restore its customers' confidence.

Consumer Reports: Slow to Finger iPhone 4 Flaw

It's been nearly three weeks since the iPhone 4 went on sale. But it wasn't until yesterday that Consumer Reports, the ultimate authority in which big-ticket items to buy and which to bypass, warned its readers to steer clear of the trendy new device.

Consumer Reports' Slap Stings Apple -- and Boosts Google

The magazine's stinging rebuke over the iPhone's antenna problems ultimately may not deter too many Apple afficianados from buying, but the biggest beneficiary will be Google. It seems that its Android operating system is gaining momentum every day.