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Book Sales Drop in 2009, but E-Books Explode

Total book sales were down in 2009, confirming the grim outlook for producers and sellers of the printed word. But the publishing industry does have one bright spot: the rapidly growing e-book

Why Apple's iPad E-Books Numbers Are Confusing and a Little Misleading

Apple announced that it sold approximately 300,000 iPads and that newly-minted iPad owners downloaded one million apps from its App Store and 250,000 e-books from its iBookstore on opening day. While these numbers sound suitably impressive, a closer look at the figures raises more questions than answers.

Beyond the iPad Hype: Its Appeal May Be Fairly Narrow

What's getting lost in most of the media hype around the iPad is any sense of reality. For the vast majority of Americans, the new tablet isn't an essential purchase during these times of economic worry. That doesn't mean it'll be a failure, but it's clear that some pundits tipped over too far as they swooned over it.

A Not-So-Scientific Way of Counting iPad Sales on Day One

According to Gene Munster, a well-known consumer electronics and PC analyst at Piper Jaffray, Apple sold as many as 700,00 iPads on Saturday. His basis for that estimate: He saw that "lines appeared to be longer than for previous product launches at the 5th Avenue store in New York."

Will the iPad Become the Next Prince in Apple's Kingdom?

Apple has nearly a 10-year history with its "i" dynasty but the iPad tablet may soon dethrone the reigning iPhone, analysts predict. The handset is facing growing competition while the new tablet may have its turn in the spotlight -- until Google comes up with its own tablet.

SF's iPad Lines Include Steve Wozniak

Apple's new iPad got a warm reception in San Francisco, the company's home turf, as buyers clamored to be among the first to own the new tablet. The crowd included Wozniak, Apple's co-founder.

What It Takes to Get Your Hands
on an iPad

Here's a healthy dose of reality for all of those iPad lusters out there who didn't pre-order the device weeks ago: Either prepare to wait or prepare to pay up. As with any hot product that just hits store shelves, there will be lines and there will be people who are trying to make a buck.

From iPod to iPad: The Apple iDynasty Timeline

Apple has built a dynasty around its portable devices, and it's one that has spanned nearly a decade so far. The dynasty began with the release of the iPod in 2001 and has continued through its various iPhone models to pave the way for the next heir apparent, the iPad, which will greet its subjects Saturday.

Did ABC Sell Out 'Modern Family' for iPad App?

ABC's Modern Family drew the ire of critics and fans when it jumped on the iPad bandwagon with an episode featuring character Phil Dunphy desperately trying to get his hands on one of the tablets. The funny thing is Apple didn't pay a thing for the product placement.

The iPad Has Developers Seeing Gold

Entrepreneurs, developers and businesses are looking to cash in on Apple's mobile Midas touch by bringing new iPad accessories and software to market. The cottage industry serving Apple's iPods and iPhones generates an estimated $6 billion to $7 billion in sales annually.

Rejecting Flash, Apple Snubs 'Lazy' Adobe on the iPad

Gadget-crazed consumers who rush Apple stores for iPads may not be aware of a standoff between Apple and Adobe but they will likely feel the effects. Many Web applications may not work on the device because it doesn't support Adobe Flash, a popular platform for adding multimedia to Web pages.

The iPad as Publishing Industry Messiah

If the iPad fails to utterly transform the economics of the media business within hours of its Saturday release, it won't be for want of sufficient hype. Want a more balanced assessment of the iPad's potential to transform publishing? So did I, so I consulted some top thinkers on media and technology. Listen closely...

Even After the iPad Rally, Apple's Still a Buy

Driven by anticipation of the upcoming iPad release, Apple shares hit an all-time high of $239 this week, and have tripled since the market bottom last year. But even at these lofty levels, Apple still looks compelling.

Apple's iPad E-Book Model Is Giving Amazon a Headache

The iPad release is less than 48 hours away, the reviews are largely good, and pre-sales are in the hundreds of thousands. But for publishers and other e-book sellers, the iPad is a game-changer in a way they aren't quite ready for: It's totally altering the way they'll do digital business.

Amazon Temporarily Stops Selling Hachette E-Books as iPad Looms

In a rush to woo publishers ahead of the launch of the iPad, Amazon is signing new agreements allowing them to charge higher prices for some books downloaded to Kindle e-readers. But not yet: Amazon has had to halt e-book sales from Hachette for a couple of days while it adjusts its system.

iPad Shortage

Apple launches its new iPad on April 3, but people who order the tablet computer now won't get their iPads right away.

Apple Shares Inch Up In Advance of iPad Launch

From investors to tech geeks, people are getting excited about Apple's new tablet. Analysts have raised Apple's projected quarterly earnings in advance of the iPad launch, and its shares have hit a new 52-week high.

As Apple Soars, Here Come the Tablet Wars

Apple shares soared on news that the release of its much-hyped iPad is less than a month away. But Microsoft is fighting back with Courier, a nifty-looking book-like tablet that the software giant expects to have on the shelves in time for the holidays.

Steve Jobs at 55: The Blind Spot in a Visionary's Legacy

As Apple CEO Steve Jobs turns 55 Wednesday, he's evidently thinking about his legacy. The notoriously secretive tech icon is now said to be cooperating on an authorized biography of his life, for the first time, with author and journalist Walter Isaacson. But gaining real entree into what makes Jobs tick could be a much harder feat.