Daily Blogwatch: What Happens After Seven Up Days?

Some of the best reads for investors from around the Web, including the financial legacy of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, Apple's stunningly rapid dominance of the cellphone business, and an answer to the age-old question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Plenty of Bang for Super Bowl Ad Bucks

With many advertisers sitting out the big game to save money, commercial prices are down this year. But a recent study shows that skipping the Super Bowl, even in a recession, may be the wrong play. Turns out, in advertising, the best defense is a funny offense on the first Sunday in February.

Nike gets naked in new viral video

Typically, when I see a company resorting to lots of bare skin and punny risque jokes to attract consumers, I shield my eyes in either disgust, or...

The economy explained through lolspeak

What happens when you cross an Internet meme with a down-turned economy and a fear of the "R" word? You end of with LOLFED a site dedicated to using...