Google Eyeing Pay-Per-View Movies on YouTube?

Google is talking to Hollywood studios about a pay-per-view video service based on YouTube, according to a new report. The move comes as Google girds for battle with Apple, and telecom and media companies jostle for control over the next generation of high-speed content delivery.

A Hulu IPO?

Hulu is preparing to go public, according to a report in The New York Times. The offering could value the video content website at $2 billion.

Can Hulu Get Viewers to Pay for Internet TV?

Hulu As it rolls out its long-expected premium service, Hulu, the online video site, is addressing this problem by expanding its breadth of offerings, hoping its customers would rather be able to access more shows across more platforms, even if it means opening up their wallets.

Hulu Coming to a PlayStation 3 Near You?

In an effort to increase revenue sources, online video company Hulu is reportedly close to striking a deal with Sony to offer a paid TV service on its PlayStation 3.

Here Comes the Great Internet Paywall

A paywall is rising at The New York Times, AT&T is limiting data-usage for the iPhone, and is going start charging viewers. What happened to the fundamental Internet ideas of free and unlimited?

Why Hulu's Plans to Cut Off Freeloaders Is a Bad Idea

Free online video service Hulu has long considered switching to a subscription-based model in light of sluggish ad sales. But if networks can't figure out how to profit from the same content that's being broadcast on TV, the answer is not bullying viewers into paying up.

Hulu Offers Ready-When-You-Are TV and Video

Hulu, which provides television and video content on the Web, is growing quickly. Since it launched in 2007, more than 6 million Hulu players have been embedded in over 123,000 websites. Growth will continue. In the works is a plan to partner with foreign content partners and eventually, roll out its service worldwide.

Viacom's Daily Show and Colbert Report Exit Hulu

The two sides couldn't agree on terms for an extension, apparently because Viacom was asking for a more generous split of ad revenue than Hulu was willing to provide. The move is the latest indication that free video site was too good to be true, or at least to last.

How Consumers Will Take Back the Net in 2010

Thanks to the power of the Internet, it's getting harder for companies to control how we communicate and entertain ourselves. Google's new phone runs an app that enables users to make international calls far cheaper than with any wireless carrier. That's just one sign of growing consumer influence through the Net.

A free TV site that beats Hulu, Veoh

The future has finally arrived for me: Watching old TV shows on my computer.We all have our touchstones of what it means to be in the 21st century....

Maybe charging for Hulu will work

When I reported last week that Jon Miller, News Corp.'s new chief digital officer, thinks it's only a matter of time before Hulu becomes (at least...

Keep Hulu free!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a company starts charging for something once offered for free. I was so bitter about having to pay a cable...

Soon, you'll have to pay for Hulu

Don't get too attached to all that free, high-quality video on Hulu. It just might disappear behind a pay wall before too long. Speaking last night...