Legal Briefing: U.S. Targets More Rich Tax Cheats

Now that they are nearly done squeezing Swiss bank UBS for information about its wealthy tax-dodging clients, the IRS and the Justice Department are moving on to new tax fraud targets: Clients of London-based bank HSBC Holdings, mostly those with ties to India and Singapore.

Japanese Consumer Lenders Soar on Nikkei

Shares in Japanese consumer lenders surged on the news that plans are in the works for Osaka to become a special business zone. This would make it exempt from the heavy regulations that have strangled Japanese lenders with restrictions.

Insurers Feeling the Urge to Merge in 2010

Mergers and acquisitions will dominate the insurance and reinsurance market next year. The industry will fuel its urge to merge with balance sheets rehabilitated over the past year.

Walletpop round-up: Worst credit cards

Break out the rotten tomatoes. This is Walletpop's roundup of the priciest, sneakiest and just plain lousiest credit-card deals out there. Trust us,...

HSBC: Banks have a pulse

As the results of the government's bank "stress test" approach, a number of the financial firms are concerned about how they will raise money if they...