housing sector

Does the Housing Market Need More Federal Help?

The U.S. housing sector's road to recovery is getting rougher: Housing starts fell a worse-than-expected 5% in June to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 549,000. Permits for new single-family homes fell 3.4% to a 421,000 annual rate -- their lowest since April 2009.

These Numbers Paint
a Bleak Picture for Housing

It's getting harder to avoid the evidence pointing to more trouble ahead for housing. Essentially, there's a massive mismatch between rising supplies of homes for sale and dwindling demand from buyers. Not even high-end markets are immune.

Is Fed Leaving Recovery Tools in the Toolbox?

The Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged and gave a somewhat downbeat assessment of the economy due to fallout from Europe's debt crisis. However, it didn't address the threat of deflation or use any new tools to help the country get back to work.

New-Home Sales Plunge by Whopping 33%

Sales plunged 33% to a record-low 300,000-unit annual rate, as the end of the homebuyer tax credit discouraged buyers. More broadly, the U.S. now faces a policy choice: Should it continue to rely on housing as an engine of growth?

Minorities Suffer Most in Home Foreclosure Crisis

One of the most disturbing aspects of the home foreclosure crisis is how much damage it has caused in minority communities. Now, the activist group Committee for Responsible Lending has spelled out the depth of the problem in stark detail.

Are houses cheap now?

Marketwatch.com Chief Economist Irwin Kellner sometimes boldly goes where no man has gone before, to cite an old Star Trek phrase, and a current...