Home Ownership: American Dream or Nightmare?

Here's more evidence that the foreclosure crisis has changed the way we think about home ownership's place in the American dream. Nearly half of those polled in a newly released survey said that owning a home today was a "nightmare." But not all polls reflect such a pessimistic view.

The Lowest Mortgage Rate, Ever!

America reached a milestone on Thursday: the lowest home mortgage rate in history. But at the same time as this astounding announcement, The Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. home ownership declined 1.1% over the past decade, the biggest drop since the Great Depression. What does it all mean for homeowners, home shoppers, and real estate investors?

Down Payment Issues Weigh on Housing Market

It's no secret that now seems like a good time to buy a home: Affordability is high and interest rates are low. But those positives aren't translating into sales, and the latest Hanley Wood Housing 360 Survey shows why: Mortgage issues and down payments remain choke points for buyers.

Is It Smart to Tap Retirement Funds to Buy a Home?

A 53-year-old woman got divorced in May, and now, she wants to relocate to a new city and buy a little bungalow for herself and her 100-pound dog. But with her low income, she's wondering whether her best bet to get that home is deplete her retirement savings and buy it with cash. Our experts weigh in.

5 Key Questions for Potential Homebuyers

It's never easy to decide on buying a home, certainly not in a time of such economic uncertainty. Here, we break down the five essential questions that, once answered, will smooth your progress towards domestic contentedness. Read on to get started.

Great Recession Created a Historic Racial Wealth Gap

The twin demons of the housing market crash and the Great Recession have created historic wealth gaps among racial groups in America: The median wealth of white households is 20 times that of black households, and 18 times that of Hispanic households. The main culprit in minority wealth loss? The housing bust.

Financial Landscape: Dreary Polls and Tax Loopholes

Nearly 90% of Americans still see owning a home as a key part of the American Dream, but 39% see us in a permanent economic downturn. Meanwhile, Obama has set his sights on closing tax loopholes for businesses and the rich, but the Fed just cut banks a break in new rules on debit card swipe fees.

Homeownership Rate Stuck at 11-Year Low

Despite efforts to keep people in their homes and record-low interest rates, the homeownership rate remains at 1999 levels, according to the Census Bureau.

What to Do About
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

Both firms are ending their listings on the NYSE What's not ending is the huge mountain of unpaid bills that has saddled taxpayers with perhaps as much as to $1 trillion in bad debt. And what's not apparent yet is any cogent plan for dealing with the mess.

Owning a Home No Longer Guarantees Wealth

In the period beginning with the close of World War II and right up to 2005, buying a house opened up a pathway to upward mobility even for those without college degrees. But the great American housing bust has dramatically changed that dynamic. Can it ever come back?

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