Unemployed and Seeking Shelter from the Storm

The housing crisis continues unabated, and millions of unemployed Americans remain at risk of ending up homeless. But additional government help is arriving from the Obama administration, and nonprofit agencies are making a difference in the efforts of some families to get help from their lenders.

Poll: Nearly Half of Americans Fear Depression Is LIkely

Despite rosy financial forecasts made by economists this spring, our fears that the nation is about to sink into another depression are reaching depressing extremes. A new CNN poll reveals that nearly half of Americans believe a 1930s-scale depression is possible within the next 12 months.

Homeless Mom Gets Helping Hand

DailyFinance profiled the 33-year-old widowed mother last month as part of a series of stories on "The New Homeless." Now, thanks to some generous readers, Paul and her nine-year-old daughter Alyssa are preparing to move into their own apartment.

Is the Great Recession a Hidden Depression?

The story of the Great Depression is often told in pictures: Photographs of bank runs and bread lines continue to pack a punch, almost 80 years after they were first snapped. But the Great Depression's position as our absolute standard for economic disaster carries an unintended consequence: The power of its images seem to overwhelm -- and minimize -- the economic troubles of our own time. These photos may get you see it differently.

Homeless, Thanks to the Great Recession

Mike is an aspiring Web developer, but he and his family ended up homeless in San Francisco after he lost a job and an emergency loan from a relative fell through. Now living in temp housing with his wife and two kids, he's still looking for work nearly a year after his last job. Here's his story, the fourth in a DailyFinance series highlighting the economic downturn's often-unseen human toll.

Homeless, Thanks to the Great Recession

After Jennifer Paul's husband died suddenly two years ago, she and daughter Alyssa left New Jersey for Fort Myers, Fla., where Jennifer got a job doing data entry. But disaster again struck when her employer abruptly closed. Now they're back in downtrodden Camden, N.J., in a shelter. Here's her story, the third in a series DailyFinance is doing to highlight this deep downturn's often-unseen human toll.

Need a home? Ask Obama

Henrietta Hughes, the homeless Florida woman who asked President Obama for help at a town hall meeting on the economic stimulus plan, is moving out...