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Five Stocks That Might Beat the Market This Year

It sure is tough, but some stock-pickers have managed to consistently outperform the S&P 500. One such pro is Mark Boyer, who every year culls 40 stocks with the potential to beat the benchmark index. Here are his top five picks for 2010.

Starbucks Makes the Right Call on Gun Rights

Gun-rights advocates are holding meetings at Starbucks in San Francisco with their weapons in plain sight, which is legal. The coffee giant declined to remove them, because the "open-carry" activists aren't breaking any law. That logic is hard to argue with.

Home Depot Tops Profit Estimates, Hikes Dividend

Retailer Home Depot reports a fourth-quarter profit and offers an upbeat outlook, encouraged by an increase in consumers who have slowly started to take on home-improvement projects again. The company also declared a 5 percent increase in its quarterly cash dividend.

What's Really Going On With Jobs?

Entering February, a mixed picture on employment has developed: Job cuts in January reached their highest total since August, but still represent a 70% reduction from the same time a year ago, when they peaked at 241,749. What's going on?

Home Depot coupons available online

Planning any home improvement projects? I've got a few up my sleeve. Sign up for Home Depot's e-newsletter and you'll get a sneak preview of their ad...

An Early Christmas Gift
for Retailers

The Commerce Department's monthly sales tally for November showed unexpected pockets of strength among retailers, including car dealers and online sales. Most retail categories posted higher sales, except clothing and housewares.