Why Companies Spend Millions on Oscar 'Swag'

Even though the Academy Awards banned official swag bags four years ago (thanks to an IRS decree that actors must pay taxes on the gifts), companies still scramble to get their items into the luxury-laden gift baskets.

Court Overturns Judgment Against 'Sahara' Author

In the previous round of the legal battle between author Clive Cussler and the company that produced the 2005 movie "Sahara," the author lost, and had to pay Bristol Bay Entertainment more than $20 million. This week, an appeals court reversed that ruling.

Celebrities on the real estate ropes

HollywoodWe go to the movies to forget our troubles, don't we? But increasingly, our celluloid heroes (how's that for a dated reference?) are providing us...

Vanity Fair Lists Hollywood's Top Moneymakers

Vanity Fair today releases its inaugural list of Hollywood's Top 40 Moneymakers of 2009. Topping the list is Michael Bay, director and producer of the blockbuster Transformers series, who pulled in $125 million, beating mogul Steven Spielberg. And there were more surprises as well.

Nikki Finke's $10 million payday

Who says you can't get rich blogging? Showbiz reporter extraordinaire Nikki Finke did -- to the tune of eight figures.

After fielding "many offers...

The best job in the world? Hardly

Many megabytes have been chewed up about the contest run by the Australian Tourism Bureau to be a highly paid beach bum, what the organizers dubbed ...