American Workers Can't Escape Email During Holidays

Six out of ten people check e-mail during the holidays, and many find that there are messages from their workplaces. A new poll by Harris Interactive and Xobni shows that 59% of employed Americans check their work email during family holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Retailers Prepare for an Uninspiring 2011

As retailers wrapped up their third-quarter earnings reports this week, most merchants said they're back in cost-control mode and will tighten inventories after the holidays. With shoppers still spending cautiously and costs on the rise, profit growth will have to come from squeezing more juice out of slowly rising sales.

Amazon's Holiday Gift to E-Shoppers

Just ahead of holiday shopping season, Amazon has added a smart new gift-giving option. Whereas before, customers could give Kindle e-readers as gifts, now actual e-books can be added to holiday shopping lists and gifted to others, whether they have a Kindle or not.

Amazon to Hire 12,500 Temp Workers for Holidays

Amazon will hire more than 12,500 temporary workers for its U.S. fulfillment centers during the holiday season as the world's largest online retailer gears up for its busiest time of year.

Holiday Airfares Soar as Demand Heats Up

Flying home this holiday season could cost you a lot more than last year as increased demand pushes up air fares. A return ticket from Philadelphia to Orlando over Thanksgiving is 59% more expensive than in 2009, USA Today reported. A round trip from New York to San Francisco over Christmas will set you back 30% more than last year.

Retailers are Optimistic About the Holiday Season

If expectations become reality, retailers will have a good holiday season this year. According to a report from the International Council of Shopping Centers on Wednesday, retailer optimism is at a three-year high.

Americans to Spend More Over Holiday Season

Americans will raise their holiday spending by 1% this year, offering "glimmers of hope" for retailers, according to a trade group. A survey by the National Retail Federation showed that U.S. consumers plan to spend an average of $688.87 on holiday-related shopping, Bloomberg News reported. Of the total, $518.08 will be spent on gifts.

Toys R Us Plans a Pop-Up Store Holiday Blitz

Toys R Us is going all out for the holidays, opening over 600 new pop-up stores and hiring at least 10,000 people to expand its base for the biggest shopping season. Shoppers will also see more FAO Schwartz stores this year, as the company seeks to expand its exclusive brand.

Yahoo's Airport Stunt Has Legs

As part of Yahoo's year-end do-gooder campaign, it paid the baggage fees of travelers at two California airports. It was a clever gimmick that tied in with Yahoo's mission of easing life's navigation -- and if the company is wise, it could be the seed for a new and better marketing campaign.

Retailers Are Merrier after Holiday Sales Rise

Holiday sales grew a stronger than forecast 3.6% in 2009, offering a present to retailers still struggling from last year's devastating drop. Now inventories are heading up, suggesting an even better 2010.

Big Snow Storm of 2009 Could Hurt Retail Sales

Retailers have been hoping that this holiday season would at least be as good as the disastrous one in 2008. But early numbers from retailers and private research firms show brick-and-mortar store sales running flat. A big snow storm in the East could make matters worse.