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Seven Villians of the Financial Crisis: Where Are They Now?

The financial crisis was produced by a complex set of circumstances, including a massive housing bubble, poor regulation and irresponsible lending on an epic scale. A handful of bankers became the public faces of the crisis, and now, two years later, we take a look at what became of them.

CNBC Anchor's Book Is a Fly on the Wall for Lehman's Fall

This week marks the second anniversary of an event that shook the financial industry to its core. In her newly released book, 'The Weekend that Changed Wall Street,' CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo gives an insider's look at the fateful days surrounding the fall of Lehman Brothers.

The Hedgie and the Treasurer: A Tale of Two Paulsons

John Paulson and Hank Paulson, two of the biggest players in the recent financial crisis, share more than a last name. Besides their name -- and the fact that Hank and John both received MBAs from Harvard -- the two Paulsons share something else: Both have now attracted the attention of the SEC.

Paulson: U.S. to Get 'Every Penny' Back from Banks

In a one-on-one conversation with billionaire Warrenn Buffett, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Tuesday called on Congress to enact real financial regulatory reforms that would allow a Resolution Authority to wind down any troubled financial institution without involving taxpayer funded bailouts.

Henry Paulson's Memoir Is a Cautionary Tale

Henry Paulson's just-published memoir "On the Brink" recalls the financial crisis as it unfolded in the fall of 2008. Far from a gossipy tell-all, it devotes the bulk of its pages to the cautionary tale of how the world's financial system nearly collapsed -- and what he tried to do about it.

One Year Later: Are we socialist yet?

Of all the effects of 2008's economic meltdown, the most significant might be the growing belief that the country is now on the road to socialism....

Tighter rules for mortgage lending?

U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is recommending that the government impose tighter regulations on mortgage lenders. He says this is necessary...