heat wave

Your Summer Forecast: High Temperatures, Higher Food Prices

That unrelenting sun that's been scorching your lawn and straining your air conditioner? It's about to send your grocery bill soaring too. Record-breaking heat and reduced rainfall are wreaking havoc on the corn crop -- and corn goes into practically everything we eat.

Why Beer Costs More: A Sudsy Economics Lesson

It feels like the price of a case of beer is higher than it has been since the Babylonians first started fermenting barley 6,000 years ago. But what's behind the rising prices? Turns out, the explanation requires a tour across the economic landscape -- and around the world.

Daily Blogwatch: What Happens After Six Up Days in a Row?

Among today's top online stories for investors are include three stocks that are better buys than Apple, 52 ways to die in a cave, an examination of sports betting hedge funds, and more proof that nobody ever really remembers what the last recovery was like.