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Legal Briefing: Ratings Agencies Try to Avoid Lawsuits

Now that credit rating agencies can be sued for issuing inflated ratings, they're refusing to allow their ratings to be used to sell bonds. Unfortunately, since some types of bonds are required to have such ratings, those parts of the bond market are shutting down.

Can Your Cell Phone Kill You? New Study Aims to Find Out

Could your cell phone be giving you cancer? Many studies have looked at the health risks of mobile phones without clearing or implicating them for sure. The biggest study yet will track 250,000 people for decades to see whether dependence on our mobile phones exacts too big a price.

Health Concerns About Full Body Scanners Mount

A report by the Inter-Agency Committee on Radiation Safety, which includes the European Commission, International Atomic Energy Agency, Nuclear Energy Agency and the World Health Organization, said that the government must inform air passengers about any health risks that the screenings pose, including the possible exposure to higher radiation levels.