health care costs

Paying More for Health Insurance, Getting Less

Employer-sponsored plans are the leading source of health insurance in America. But according to a new report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, challenging economic times are making such coverage more expensive and less effective for millions of people.

Will Federal Health Care Costs Cripple Deficit-Cutting?

By some calculations, the Obama plan will help trim future budget gaps, but by others it'll only make things worse. The problem is, at this point no one knows for sure, and that makes sensible spending choices even harder to make now.

Health Care After Reforms: More to Cheer than Fear

Some states are balking Obama's health-reform requirements for them to set up exchanges on which uninsured individuals and small businesses can purchase health coverage. But a closer look suggests uninsured Americans will be better off.

You'll Pay 10% More For Health Care in 2010

Costs for the most popular types of health-care coverage are projected to increase by more than 10% in 2010. Making matters worse, a separate report shows the health share of the U.S. gross domestic product is expected to have risen to 17.3% in 2009 from 16.2% in 2008.

Senate OK clears way for Obama budget

Late Thursday night, the U.S. Senate approved President Obama's $3.5 trillion fiscal 2010 budget, and in the process gave the new president much of...