3-D TV Sales Are Set for Eye-Popping Growth

About 4 million 3-D-capable TV sets will ship in 2010, one out of every 20 flat-screen TVs sold. That's projected to more than double next year and grow tenfold in four years. But hurdles like lack of 3-D programming and bandwith constraints could limit such rapid growth.

A Wait-and-See Approach to 3-D TV in Japan

In Japan, a recent survey found 67.4% of consumers indicated they'd take a pass on purchasing a 3-D TV. They cited several reasons, but wearing special 3-D glasses tops the list. Other concerns: price and lack of 3-D programming.

One week left to switch to digital TV

The day of reckoning is close; come June 12th the analog airwaves will no longer be graced with the witty banter of sitcoms, daytime soaps evening...