8 Ways That Money Can Buy Happiness

"If money doesn't make you happy, then you aren't spending it right." So say researchers who have studied decades of research on the connections between money and happiness. How can you be sure to spend your money in a way that maximizes happiness? Follow these eight steps.

Private School Tuition Hits $40,000 Per Year

The big problem in public schools is a lack of funds, and the nation's elite private schools apparently have the same issue. But those schools can just raise tuition, which they've done to the tune of 79% in the past 10 years. Now, New York's Riverdale Country School is the first to cross the $40,000 line.

Can Motley Fool's Stock Picker Tap Wisdom of Crowds?

Popular investing site The Motley Fool has patented a system it believes can predict stock performance. Called Motley Fool CAPS, it taps the collective brainpower of more than 170,000 investors. Based on its performance over the past five years, it appears to work. But can it really?

Buzzword of the Week: Kicking the Bucketize

Bucketize may not be the most odious piece of business jargon to hit the scene in the past decade, but in its short life, it has earned a barrel-full of derision for being one of the most pointless. There's just no need for another synonym for categorizing, sorting or organizing.

College Donations Rebound to 2006 Levels

Colleges Donations Rebound to 2006 LevelsAfter falling off during the recession, donations to institutions of higher learning in 2010 recovered to the level they reached in 2006, but after adjusting for inflation, giving was still 8% lower than in that year, according to the Voluntary Support of Education survey.

Obama to Name New Chief Economic Adviser Friday

President Barack Obama will likely name a new chief economic advisor to replace Lawrence Summers later this week as his administration looks for more effective ways to reduce an unemployment rate that remains near 10%, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Is a Degree From a Top College Worth the Price?

For years now, private college tuition has risen far faster than inflation, a fact that colleges have used a fancy theory called Baumol's Law to explain away. Unfortunately for families who pay over $200,000 to send a child to one of those schools, the comparative value of the education rarely justifies the higher price.

Harvard No Longer in Talks to Sell Real Estate to China Fund

Harvard University is no longer in talks to sell real estate stakes to China%u2019s sovereign wealth fund, Bloomberg News reported. The school had been in talks with China Investment Corp. regarding the sale of real estate stakes worth hundreds of millions of dollars, Bloomberg News reported without naming its sources.

Can You Score a 4.0 College GPA? Ultrinsic Says Bet on It!

A new company called Ultrinsic Motivator Inc. has an interesting proposition for students: place bets on your grades. The website, which currently allows students at 36 campuses to place wagers on their academic performance, could help keep students motivated during college -- and, with any luck, help them graduate with less or even no debt.

Who Really Owns Facebook?

Facebook's ownership is becoming murkier by the minute. During a court hearing Tuesday, the company's attorney said she was "unsure" whether founder Mark Zuckerberg signed a contract that could potentially give an 84% stake in the company to a New York businessman.

Did Lloyd Blankfein Cost His Alma Mater $100 Million?

Goldman Sachs (GS) CEO Lloyd Blankfein loves to recount how he rose up from the mean streets of Brooklyn and won a scholarship to Harvard College and then on to its law school. But Blankfein turned around and bit the hand that fed him, to the tune of $500 million when, in February 2007, Harvard found itself on the wrong side of a synthetic CDO bet with Goldman.

Harvard's Toxic Swaps: Interest Rate Bets Lost Billions

Harvard alumni usually end up doing pretty well for themselves. But one alumnus, former U.S. Treasury Secretary and current Obama economic advisor Larry Summers has bequeathed a big financial problem to his alma mater - a massive losing gamble on interest rates.