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Savings Experiment: Trim Your Hair Care Budget

Consumers shelled out an estimated $2.32 billion on shampoo last year, and $1.71 billion on conditioner. But caring for your crowning glory shouldn't cost you a king's ransom. Here are four easy ways to save on this frequent purchase.

How to Hide Your Grays for Less

Roughly 75% of U.S. women color their hair, and it can cost hundreds of dollars per year to keep up appearances with salon visits. Here are some tips on economizing while still looking good, even if you stick with the professionals.

The Upside: Cost cut your haircut

I'm not a hairdresser, but I am gay, which is similar. So I can say with some authority that you can cut costs by cutting your own hair. The easiest...

Aveda shampoo sample - free!

Have you cut out fancy-pants salon shampoos to save money these days? If so, lather up to this incredible offer: Aveda is offering a free sample...