16 Big Bubbles That Are Getting Ready to Pop

With stocks markets soaring, many wonder if equities will be the next bubble to burst. But stocks aren't the only assets that look frothy: These are showing danger signs too.

The Most Depressing Christmas Gift Guide of the Year

Since a ban on assault weapons won't be under the tree this Christmas, a few companies -- notably Utah-based Amendment II -- are betting that parents will take their children's safety into their own hands.

Smith & Wesson Shares Get
a High Court Lift

The storied firearms maker just reported annual earnings that soared 45% on a 21% leap in revenues to $406.2 million. But the Supreme Court's handgun ruling is most likely to excite investors and entice them to buy S&W shares.

Gun Sales Go Soft As Economy Improves

In recent years, demand for firearms skyrocketed: People worried that high unemployment would lead to more crime, and when President Obama was elected, gun rights supporters feared he would clamp down on their right to bear arms. But both of those fears have eased, and demand for guns is weakening.

A gun company IPO?

Cerberus, the private equity fund that nearly ruined itself by making bad bets in Detroit, particularly on Chrysler, is considering taking its gun...

Beat the recession: Invest in lawsuits

First it was guns and then guitars; but now the ultimate American investment vehicle has arrived: lawsuits. With millions of lawsuits filed in the...

Solid advice for those deeply in debt

It's hard not to notice a disturbing trend in the news headlines today: the motive for murder is increasingly fueled by bad debt.In Middletown,...

Smith & Wesson, Ruger shares explode

Wall Street pundits often talk about the resiliency of stocks such as McDonald's Corp. (MCD) and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT). Shares of Smith &...