gulf oil disaster

Former BP CEO Hayward Considers Career Options

Former BP (BP) CEO Tony Hayward is considering several career options since losing his job in the wake of the Gulf oil disaster. Hayward is involved in the formation of a small company registered as 3E Capital, The Daily Telegraph reported. Hayward is listed as a director in the company, holding 100 shares.

Second Oil Rig Explosion Reopens Drilling Ban Debate

Another oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico Thursday gave fresh urgency to the debate over the Obama administration's moratorium on deepwater oil drilling. Environmental groups renewed their calls to maintain or expand the ban; advocates for removing it were more circumspect.

BP's CEO on the Hot Seat Over Gulf Oil Spill

BP CEO Tony Hayward will be grilled before Congress Thursday, nearly two months into the Gulf Oil spill. Hayward is expected to express empathy toward the victims, but lawmakers predict he's in for a "very unpleasant" hearing.