Walmart in Talks to Buy Russian Supermarket Chain

Walmart has renewed its efforts to purchase Russian supermarket chain Kopeika, following reports that competing Russian grocer X5's interest in acquiring it has waned, according to a Reuters article.

The Food Emporium Could Be Up for Sale

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., owner of the A&P supermarket chain, may sell its Food Emporium stores as the 151-year-old company continues to try to turn around its finances by cutting costs and revamping leadership.

Supervalu Earnings: Grocer's Woes Continue

Grocery chain Supervalu reported a net income of 31 cents per share this morning for the last quarter, which ended May 10, a 40% decline year-over-year. An after-tax charge of 12 cents per share that brought the figure down, but the quarter was still a disappointment.

Is Trader Joe's Dive Into Sustainable Seafood Too Late to Help?

Trader Joe's plans to shift all of its seafood purchases to sustainable sources by the end of 2012. This extremely welcome move could herald a shift that can help save a deeply endangered food source. But sadly, it probably won't -- because the damage to fisheries may be past the point of no return.

Why America Can't Get a Great Cup of Coffee

When it comes to ground coffee, blends of beans are the top sellers in America. Sadly, this means most buyers aren't getting a great cup of java, says Consumer Reports, which tested 37 varieties without finding a single one it could rate "excellent" or "very good."

Tips to cutting your grocery bill

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Lawsuit may bring lower egg prices

We've all noticed rising prices at the grocery store, and most of us can reconcile these prices with higher fuel costs. If it costs more for...

Save money on groceries with

I love to try new foods and brands at the grocery store, but I really hate it when I end up with something disgusting. Since I'm cheap I usually keep...

Coupon-clipping online

With food prices soaring into the stratosphere ($5.69 for a box of shredded wheat?!), the coupon section of the Sunday paper that was so easily cast...