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U.S. Energy Sector Fears Missing the Boat on Natural Gas Exports

Global demand for liquefied natural gas is growing rapidly, and the U.S. has it. But what's causing angst in the industry are regulators: Can our government agencies license exports fast enough for U.S. producers to get in on that rising LNG market before before foreign competitors eat their lunch?

Democrats Push Financial Reform With Slim Margin for Error

Senate Democrats will make the final push to pass a financial reform bill this week, knowing they have slim margin for error in their hunt for votes. The House of Representatives has already passed a version of the bill. To send the bill to President Obama to sign into law, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will likely need 60 votes to overcome a procedural hurdle in the 100-seat chamber.

Senate: Drilling Regulators Need to Clean House

In Senate hearings on Tuesday, the Minerals Management Service came under fire for being asleep at its job regulating offshore drilling. This contributed to the Gulf oil spill, which is shaping up to be the nation's worst environmental disaster ever.

Is America becoming socialist?

In an attention-grabbing headline, Rasmussen Reports recently announced that only 53 percent of Americans believe that capitalism is better than...