The Money Behind The Masters

Spring is officially here for golf fans, and the sport's most revered tournament, The Masters, has teed off for the 78th time. While talk of...

President Obama's Weirdest New Taxes

To achieve $1.8 trillion in new revenue, President Obama has plenty of big taxes in his budget proposal. Here are some quirky maneuvers he suggests.

Nike's Rory McIlroy Deal Soars Far Past Tiger Woods' Old Contract

On Monday, Nike announced that it had inked a new contract with Tiger Woods' heir apparent, golf's new No. 1 player, Rory McIlroy, in a deal that dwarfs Tiger's. Rumors put its value at between $100 million and $250 million. Here's why Nike is going all in on the Irish prodigy.

New Tiger Woods Video Game Sets Sales Record

Tiger Woods may not have won a PGA tournament in nearly two years, and his last attempt to take home a green jacket from the Masters was a bust, but the virtual Tiger is on a roll: "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters" has broken all sales records for the Electronic Arts franchise.

Tiger Woods-Branded Luxury Development in Dubai Halted

Construction of Tiger Woods Dubai, a high-end residential complex that was to be built around a championship-caliber golf course, has been halted because of poor market conditions in the Middle Eastern emirate, Bloomberg News reported, citing developer Dubai Properties.

Fortune Brands to Split into Three Units

Fortune Brands (FO), maker of Jim Beam whisky, plans to split into three separate units. Fortune Brands will continue to focus on its distilled spirits business, the company said in a statement. Fortune%u2019s home and security business will be spun off into an independent, publicly traded company while its golf business will be spun off or sold.

Meet Golf's Most Powerful Person. It's Not Tiger Woods

Eric Affeldt has been ranked higher than both Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. Not when it comes to the world's top golfers, but on Golf Inc.'s ranking. Affeldt is CEO of ClubCorp, which owns or operates more than 150 golf and country clubs, business clubs, sports clubs, alumni clubs and resorts.

EA Swings at a New Market with Tiger Woods Game

Electronic Arts launches an online version of its Tiger Woods PGA Tour game the same week that the world-famous golfer returns to the links for the Masters Tournament. So far, the beta has attracted a new generation of gamers for the company -- the over-40 crowd.

Tiger's Return Isn't All That's Lifting Callaway Golf

Superstar golfer Tiger Woods's return has already given Callaway a bump, and some analysts point to other factors in its favor. Among them: some solid business fundamentals and plenty of speculation about a Callaway becoming a takeover target.

Tiger Gets No Mention on Nike Earnings Call

Amid a flurry of chatter about Tiger Wood's expected comeback, one of his prime sponsors, Nike, remained conspicuously silent on the subject during its earnings call Wednesday.

Resurrecting Tiger, the Brand

In a move that could start the drive to rehabilitate his flailing brand, Tiger Woods has announced plans to return to golf next month at the Masters Tournament. Will he be able to hit his brand out of the rough?

Tiger Announces His Return, and CBS Stock Roars

Almost every person or organization who benefits financially from professional golf was probably seriously miffed about Tiger Woods' infidelity scandal. But after his announcement Tuesday that he would be returning to golf at the Masters, at least one company must be doing a victory dance: CBS.

Tiger's Real Test Comes Only After the Hype Fades

Some media reports claim Woods's return will generate ratings to equal the Super Bowl. That may be true, but remember that he carries a golf club and not a magic wand. Interest in Woods's return will likely fade over time. Only then will we know how durable his value really is.

Elin May Dump Tiger -- and Get Picked Up by Puma

Things appear to be moving quickly in the saga of Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin. The result could be that she sets Tiger free -- for a price: She gets up to $300 million and own sponsorship deal, and he goes back to playing golf -- and playing the field.

In the rough: CEOs shun golf

It's been a bruising week for golf: First, the US Open in New York was practically a flood zone, with rainouts, cancellations and decidedly soggy...