gold reserves

Vladimir Putin Is Trying to Buy Up the World's Gold

Russia has become the world's biggest buyer of gold. Following a policy set by long-time leader Vladimir Putin, Russia's Central Bank added 570 metric tons of gold, about 25 percent more than second-ranked gold bug China acquired over the same period.

Germany Is Bringing Home the Gold: 1,950 Tons of It

A German newspaper reports the country's central bank will repatriate parts of its massive gold reserves worth about $200 billion at current market rates from storage sites in the United States and in France.

Where's All the Gold? Start With the U.S. Fed

Investors are piling into gold bullion, gold coins, gold-focused mutual funds and ETFs -- and who can blame them? With the world awash in more than $200 trillion in debt, it's not unreasonable to question the long-term value of fiat currency like the dollar.