gold futures

Gold Hits Record of $1,308.90 After Price Drop

Gold prices reached a record $1,308.90 an ounce Tuesday after earlier price declines and continued low interest rates spurred investors to buy bullion. Gold, which earlier had its biggest intraday decrease in more than two months, reached a record high for the eighth time in two weeks.

Gold Loses Its Luster in Thursday Trading

Gold prices suffered their biggest one-day drop since early February after the European Central Bank's emergency funding programs suggested the Continent's financial system may not be as wobbly as initially thought.

Where's All the Gold? Start With the U.S. Fed

Investors are piling into gold bullion, gold coins, gold-focused mutual funds and ETFs -- and who can blame them? With the world awash in more than $200 trillion in debt, it's not unreasonable to question the long-term value of fiat currency like the dollar.