Can the Tea Party Platform Reduce Unemployment?

The U.S. set the forces of globalization in motion, and now more than ever, it's clear we're suffering the consequences: high unemployment, stagnant or declining incomes, and rising costs for goods. Can the policies of the surging Tea Party provide solutions, or will they just make matters worse?

Fuel Efficiency Is Top Priority for Car Buyers Worldwide

Fuel efficiency remains the top concern among new car buyers around the world, which is likely to boost demand for hybrid and electric vehicles, according to a report from KPMG. But the survey of senior auto-industry executives worldwide also showed that many have serious concerns about such vehicles' affordability.

Rubin: Uncertain Times Ahead for Global Economy

Former US Treasury Secretary Robert Rubun and El-Erian, CEO and Co-CIO Pimco, painted a grim picture of the global economy. In the West, the said, economic growth may not return to earlier levels anytime soon.

What the Tea Partiers Want Is Already Here

There's an old adage, "Be careful what you wish for: you might get it." Regarding free markets, Tea Party members have no need to wish: what they want is already here. With their free market philosophy triumphant, this group is now blaming the federal government for the unemployment the free market put in motion.

How Misleading GDP Raises Risks

The 3.5 percent GDP increase in the third quarter signaled to many that the recession had ended. But that figure was revised downward to 2.8 percent, and revised again to 2.2 percent: a 37 percent reduction that calls into question the data collection process and the value of these 'headline' numbers.

Can OPEC stop the oil price slide?

No doubt this next discussion will cause readers to do a double-take over their morning cup of coffee. But comments and brickbats welcome. Here's the...