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Is a Silver Bull Market Underway?

It is silver's time to shine after the precious metal climbed for seven straight sessions to notch gains not seen in nearly five years.

Eurozone Joblessness Rises to a Record 12%

Unemployment across the 17 European Union countries that use the euro has struck 12 percent for the first time since the currency was launched in 1999, official figures show.

Markets Higher Ahead of Jobs Report

LONDON (AP) - Some rare good economic news from Europe pushed stock markets higher on Friday as investors awaited a key U.S. employment report that...

Top 10 Business Stories of 2012

This would be the year when the global economy finally regained its vigor. At least that's what many had hoped. It didn't happen. So what were the top ten business stories of 2012?

Wall Street Plays a Risky Game, Again

Taking note of the Dow's progress, The Wall Street Journal recently called its performance "eerie ... calm ... too quiet." Indeed, if things keep going at the rate they have been going so far, we're on track for the stock markets to gain more than 50% this year. Dow 18,000, anyone?

Now Creating Jobs in America: Emerging Markets

Beware of the constant metaphors used to frame the world economy as if it were a war or zero-sum competition. Investors should remember that economies cooperate as much as they compete when it comes to how things work on the world stage. The current U.S. manufacturing boom is a case study.

Will the Economic Recovery Slide on $90 Oil?

Oil prices, up more than 25% since August, are testing the $90 per barrel level and appear to be headed higher -- into what the International Energy Agency calls 'a dangerous zone' for the global economy.

Why Japan Is Rushing to Aid Europe: It's All About China

World markets got a boost this week from Japan's pledge to help overly indebted EU nations. What's behind Japan's move? Sure, the spirit of global cooperation is part of it. But much more significant is Tokyo's need to keep pace with Beijing in the influence game.

Is the Global Economy
Rolling Over?

The recent tremors in global equity markets may have deep roots. As investors are becoming aware, there is growing evidence that the economy is slowing down in Europe, Asia and the U.S. Here's a look at some of the key data.

Economy Could Cast a Shadow on Solar Energy

President Obama's $2 billion booster shot for solar is surely good news for the sector. But it may not be enough to counter the drag of a global economic stall that many see coming. When other energy prices fall, solar investment tends to dry up.

U.S. Attacks on China's Yuan Threaten the Global Recovery

Many high-profile U.S. lawmakers and economists stridently advocate trade sanctions to pressure China into raising the value of the yuan. But such threats would likely only backfire -- and the fallout would undermine the fledgling economic rebound.

Why China Can't Cool Its Overheated Real Estate Boom

China's central government is fighting hard to put the brakes on its white-hot real estate speculation boom before a catastrophic bust hits. But Beijing's efforts to check speculation are failing because of who is busy fueling it: China's local governments.

Europe's Debt Crisis Fix Could Lead to a Double-Dip Recession

Contrary to jittery investors' fears, the euro is likely to survive. But its slide in value amid the eurozone's current debt crises points to an even bigger danger: The actions Europe is likely to take to solve those debt problems may induce another continent-wide recession.

Despite All the Fear, a Return to Normal

The Fed's surprise move to raise its discount rate is just the latest event that unnerved investors. But a closer look what's happening in the U.S., China and Europe suggests that after years of economic crisis, things are starting to work the way they're supposed to again.

Will U.S. Markets Keep Sliding on Greece?

Here's hoping traders return from their long weekend too relaxed, refreshed or hungover to make any sudden moves. Heaven knows the equity markets have been volatile enough lately. And with sovereign-debt fears likely to weigh on traders' minds in the days ahead, don't be surprised if the market keeps trembling.