Get Eye-Opening Savings on Glasses -- Savings Experiment

For many, eyeglasses are a necessity, but now that the functional frames have become a fashion accessory, prices have gone way up. Fear not, though, frugal shoppers. There are still places that offer stylish frames at a deep discount.

Don't Let Roller Coasters Take You for a Ride

How do you deal with a thief that's 230 feet tall and robs you at 80 miles per hour? Hordes of Americans will descend on amusement parks this weekend, so this is a good time to remind everyone of Murphy's Law of Roller Coasters: If your stuff can get loose, it generally will.

McDonald's Shrek Glasses Add to Fast Food's Woes

McDonald's recall of tainted Shrek glasses is an unusual reminder of the downsides to America's love affair with the Golden Arches. And as McDonald's fights to avoid blame for a share of the obesity epidemic, the last thing it wants is more scrutiny of how it markets fast food to kids.