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How to Improve Your Market Returns in 2014

It's hard to find winning stocks on a consistent basis. So unless you're a full-time investor, a market service could be the key to improving your performance in 2014.

9 Ways to Get Rich Quicker

In general, the team at Kiplinger champions the idea of getting rich slowly. But if you're willing to take some calculated risks to do it faster, here are some proven paths.

Who Are the Nation's Biggest Suckers? Lottery Players

As bizarre as it sounds, 21% of American adults agreed with the statement: "Winning the lottery represents the most practical way [for me] to accumulate several hundred thousand dollars." Those 21% couldn't be more wrong.

Economic crisis leads many to psychics

WIRED reports that after the DOW took its 700 point drop back in September business began booming for many Internet psychics. As people watched their...