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Legal Briefing: Blog Was Violent Threat, Not Free Speech

In a case that tested the bounds of the First Amendment, Hal Turner, a right-wing radio shock jock, was convicted of threatening three judges' lives in his blog post. Plus, Eli Lilly loses a patent case for ADHD drug Strattera.

10 products to always buy generic

The main reason for buying generic products -- saving money -- is simple enough. But there's also the satisfaction of not giving in to the marketing...

AstraZeneca Stock Jumps After Court Ruling on Crestor

AstraZeneca shares surged by almost 9% Tuesday after the company scored a win in court regarding the patent for its cholesterol treatment, Crestor. The ruling means that AstraZeneca won't have to worry about generic competition for its multibillion-dollar statin until 2016.

Legal Briefing: Generic Pharmas on the Hook for Drug Safety

An FDA "bioequivalent" certification doesn't exempt generic drugmakers from responsibility for their medication's safety, a judge has ruled. Teva Pharmaceuticals had been sued for the problems its version of antidepressant Wellbutrin has caused users.

Abbott Becomes India's Top Drugmaker With $3.7 Billion Deal

With drug sales stalling in developed countries, Abbott Laboratories has made a bold play to harness pharma's strong growth in emerging markets. Its purchase of a Piramal Healthcare unit in India gives Abbott the largest market share in the country.

As Teva Loses Patent Suit to Pfizer, Will It Rethink Strategy?

The largest generic drugmaker and the largest pharmaceutical company fought yet another round in the six year legal battle over ulcer drug Protonix. In this round, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries lost when a jury found on Friday that the patent for Protonix is valid. Will this inspire Teva to change its generic drugs strategy?

Feds Scrutinize Deals Delaying Generic Drugs

The Feds -- and consumers -- may finally have had it with 'pay-for-delay.' In these deals, generic drug companies that challenge a patent held by a name-brand pharmaceuticals agree to settle by delaying their entry into the market in return for a payment. But regulators are now calling for laws to end the practice.

Pfizer Pushes into Biotech Generics

Pfizer may be hatching plans to sell "biosimilars," cheaper versions of biotech medicines, of drugs developed by the world's largest independent biotech Amgen. That's causing concern not just at Amgen, but at other biotechs that fear such competition.