generation y

People@Work: How to Job Hunt with Tattoos

With more than 30% of 18- to 45-year-olds sporting tattoos, they're becoming more acceptable to employers overall. But they could still land you in the "No way!" pile for some jobs. Read about when to display and when to hide your body art, and other tips for job-hunting Millennials.

Gen Y Uses Food Stamps to Buy Organic Food? So What!

A new wave of young college-educated Americans are buying organic foods on the taxpayer dime. Dubbed "hipsters on food stamps," these able-bodied members of Generation Y are redefining what it means to be on government assistance.

Facebook Aims to Rock the Vote in the U.K.

In a move to combat declining voter turnout, U.K. election officials are teaming up with Facebook: On Saturday, visitors to the social networking site in the U.K. will be asked if they're registered voters; those who say no will soon find themselves at the Electoral Commission's Web site being encouraged to register.

Philadelphia Orchestra May File for Bankruptcy

The recession may claim another victim: The Philadelphia Orchestra. The 110-year old cultural mainstay may declare bankruptcy after ticket sales dwindled this season and its endowment failed to meet its goal.

Gen-Y job hunters out of luck

It's a tough time to be young. For workers under 29, the unemployment rate jumped over 11% in December compared with less than 9% a year earlier....