Seat Problem Prompts Volvo to Recall 7,420 Vehicles

Swedish automaker Volvo is recalling 7,420 sedans and wagons to fix seats that may allow front passengers to move the seats too far forward, putting them at risk of injury in a crash, federal safety officials said Monday.

Bond Conversion Plan Cuts Ford's Debt by $1.9 Billion

Ford Motor announced Wednesday that it had reduced its debt by $1.9 billion after note-holders converted their debt into 274 million shares of common stock. The automaker's annual interest expenses will be reduced by $180 million because of the lower debt.

Volvo Recalls About 10,000 Vehicles for Faulty Airbags

Swedish automaker Volvo is recalling 9,746 cars in the U.S. to repair driver's side airbags that may not deploy during a crash, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported Wednesday. Models affected are the 2010 and 2011 S80 and XC70; the 2010 V70; and the 2011 XC60.

Mazda CEO Says Ford Partnership Will Continue

Addressing recent reports that Ford is looking to pull out of its partnership with Mazda, the head of the Japanese carmaker said Wednesday that the alliance remains intact. "We have an agreement with Ford," Mazda CEO Takashi Yamanouchi said. "We are not considering alliances with others at all."

Making a Well-Placed Bet on China's Growth

One Chinese company that stands to benefit from China's boom is tiny and little known COGO Group, which provides some of the nuts-and-bolts components and expertise that local manufacturers need to produce high-performance and top-quality products.

China's Geely to Buy Volvo for $1.8 Billion

On Sunday, a pivotal deal got done that highlights China's growing power: Zhejiang Geely Holding announced an agreement to buy Volvo Cars from Ford. Geely's ambitious founder Li Shufu has a goal of selling 200,000 Volvos in China by 2015. Ambitious? Yes. Easy? Not at all.

Volvo may end up in China

China is buying into foreign real estate and metals companies. It is expanding the reach of its oil field holdings and investing in foreign energy...

We need a global car czar

China's Geely car company may be buying Volvo. Toyota (TM) and Honda (HMC) have approached the Japanese government for aid. Many of the car companies...