11 Health Gimmicks You Should Stop Wasting Your Money On

Americans are obsessed with get-healthy-quick schemes. Too bad most of these fads aren't worth their weight in salt -- or your hard-earned dollars. Here's Business Insider's list of some of worst so-called health trends that are wasting your money today.

PepsiCo Earnings Preview: Soda, Snack Icon Keeps Growing

PepsiCo will announce its second-quarter numbers on Tuesday, and analysts expect earnings per share of $1.07 to $1.10, up from $1.02 a year earlier. If they're right, it will mark a continuation of the company's stable period of success. But PepsiCo's management is thinking bigger.

Gatorade gets (another) makeover

Get ready for an even newer Gatorade. Following a tough year marked by plummeting sales and a highly public scandal surrounding one of its biggest...

Vitamin Water 10 now with 25 calories

Popular water replacement Vitamin Water got healthier recently with the introduction of Vitamin Water 10, a new low calorie drink which pitches...