Winter Prediction: Extra Cold, But with Low Oil Prices

The mid-Atlantic region, hard hit last winter, will catch a break from the weather next time, says the Farmer's Almanac, but much of the rest of the U.S. will be colder than normal, New England in particular. For those who heat their homes with oil, however, lower prices should ease the season.

U.S. Drivers Get a Big Break at the Gas Pump

Gasoline prices fell by just over 7 cents a gallon in the U.S. in the past two weeks, and are likely to stay steady. The Lundberg Survey, carried out on Aug. 27, found the average price of regular self-serve gasoline at $2.70 per gallon - a decrease of 7.54 cents from two weeks earlier, according to CNN.

BJ's Wholesale Club Reports Quarterly Earnings of $35.8 Million

Warehouse chain BJ%u2019s Wholesale Club (BJ) reported second quarter earnings of $35.8 million or 67 cents a diluted share, up from $35.1 million, or 64 cents a diluted share, a year earlier. Total sales for the quarter ended July 31 were $2.7 billion, up 8.6% from the second quarter of 2009, the company said in a statement. Comparable club sales rose 4.4%, with a strong performance in gasoline sales.

U.S. Gasoline Prices Rose 4 Cents in Recent Survey

U.S. gasoline prices rose about 4 cents per gallon in the last three weeks, according to the latest price survey. The latest Lundberg Survey, conducted on Friday in 38 markets, shows the average price of self-serve regular was $2.77 per gallon, an increase of about 3.9 cents from the last survey on July 23.

Gas and Autos Pumped Up July's Retail Sales Rise

Investors may get some relief from strong gasoline and auto sales, which helped lift retail overall and should ease some fears of a double-dip recession. Excluding gas and autos, most segments showed good year-over-year gains and small but as-expected month-over-month rises.

What It Costs to Fill 'Er Up Around the World

Americans may grumble about paying the current average of $2.72 a gallon. But that's way better than what folks in Eritrea are forking over: $9.59. Venezuelans barely pay anything -- gas there goes for 6 cents a gallon. Here's a look at prices in 34 cities worldwide.

GM Goes VC: Automaker Starts $100 Million Fund

A newly energized GM is setting up a $100 million investment fund to bet on technologies that the automaker hopes will enable it to launch desirable, more fuel efficient cars -- and do so faster than its competitors.

All Dow 10,000s Aren't Created Equal

It's no wonder stock market cheerleaders don't want us to look at 2009's Dow 10K in terms of our purchasing power: The results are sobering. For example, 1999's Dow 10K bought 8,300 gallons of gasoline, but 2009's version is worth only 4,000.

Pay plastic at the pump and save?

Rather than driving five miles out of your way to save a penny or two per gallon, you can generally save between 3% to 5% on gas if you keep the...