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Oil Prices May Drop in 2010, But No Break for Motorists

Oil prices are showing signs of moderating, with a barrel of crude now worth about half of its all-time of $147 a barrel in 2008. But U.S. motorists may not benefit much at the pump. Refiners are expected to restore their margins that got squeezed during the recession.

More Pain at the Pump: Gas Prices High and Going Higher

Due to layoffs and a weaker economy, U.S. gasoline demand is low; nonetheless, gasoline prices are high. Even worse, prices are likely to rise more this spring -- a trend that will hit family budgets and hurt U.S. economic growth.

Are speculators pushing up oil again?

Is the price of oil being artificially boosted again by speculators and investors?

Driven to dizzying heights near $150 in 2008 during the recent...

Oil drops below $50 as forecast cut

There are no upsides to the current recession. Unlike previous cyclical downturns triggered by inventory adjustments, this one is anything but...

Can OPEC stop the oil price slide?

No doubt this next discussion will cause readers to do a double-take over their morning cup of coffee. But comments and brickbats welcome.

Here's the...