Prepare Your Garden for Winter to Save

If you've made a big investment in your yard, you'll want to protect it over the harsh winter months. Here's how to prepare your lawn for the off-season.

8 Best Things to Buy in April

Wherever you live, whatever April means to you, adhere to this list to ensure you snag the best deals, from office supplies to Peeps.

8 Best Things to Buy in September

To start the last quarter, good deals can be found on patio items, old iPhones, denim, gardening supplies, bikes, school supplies, cars and holiday travel.

Jail Time for a Vegetable Garden?

Earlier this month, an Oak Park, Mich., woman came face to face with the prospect of hard time for the crime she'd committed: nurturing tiny baby pea...

'Unprecedented' Bat Die-Off Could Devastate Farming

A fungus is threatening to kill off most of North America's bat population, and that's a really big deal. Bats eat bugs -- vast quantities of bugs that would otherwise eat our crops -- and they pollinate plants, too. If researchers can't save them, U.S. agriculture will suffer a major blow.

Target to Close All In-Store Garden Centers by End of September

Retailer Target Corp. (TGT) will close all its in-store garden centers by the end of next month. The 262 in-store garden centers are mostly located in Florida, California, Arizona and Nevada, The Florida Times-Union reported. They are a minority of the 1,800 Target stores in 49 U.S states.

Home Depot garden coupons

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Sprucing up a yard for $100 or less

As summer temperatures lure us out into our yards, it's hard not to notice all those landscaping tasks we let languish all spring. When hiring a...

Edible Landscaping: A Profitable Eco-Friendly Investment

Edible landscaping is an investment that pays off in small and big ways. After we replaced our lawn with a food garden two years ago, people started to stop and stare in admiration at our yard. What's more, the garden now produces big value: $200 in supplies has thus far yielded about $1,000 in produce.