Sony Unveils New Portable Gaming System

Sony (SNE) unveiled its new PlayStation Portable device, the Next Generation Portable Entertainment System, or NGP. The hand-held device has greater motion sensitivity and allows gamers to connect with other users online, Sony said in a statement. The company plans to release the device at the end of 2011.

Online Video-Game Pirates Outgun the Publishers

More than 19 million people illegally downloaded five of the top-selling video games of 2010, indicating that game thieves remain one step ahead of publishers when it comes to online piracy.

Microsoft Sold More than 8 Million Xbox Kinects in 60 Days

Microsoft Corp (MSFT) says it sold more than 8 million Xbox Kinect motion-sensing game system in the first 60 days since launch, easily beating the company%u2019s target of 5 million. The sales of the Kinect also top that of Sony Corp%u2019s (SNE) competing Move system, Reuters said. Sony sold 4.1 million units of Move in its first two months. That figure does not take into account the peak December holiday shopping month.

Motorcycle Robber Steals $1.5M in Bellagio Casino Chips

An armed man stole as much as $2 million in casino chips from Las Vegas' Bellagio hotel-casino early Tuesday morning, then escaped, the Associated Press reported, citing Las Vegas police officials. No shots were fired and no one was injured.

Microsoft: 1 Million Kinect Gaming Systems Already Sold

Microsoft (MSFT) sold more than 1 million of its hands-free Kinect gaming system in the first 10 days after its launch. Microsoft is hoping the Kinect, which plugs into an Xbox and lets you play games just by moving your body or speaking commands, will help boost Xbox sales and fend off competition from Nintendo (NTDOY) and Sony (SNE).

Sony Cuts PSPgo Prices Ahead of Holiday Season

Sony Corp. (SNE) will slash the price of its PSPgo portable game player ahead of the holiday period. The company will cut the price of the PSPgo to $199 from $249 in the United States and to 16,800 yen ($207) from 26,800 yen in Japan, Reuters said.

Sony Sees 'Very, Very Strong' Christmas Gaming Sales in Europe

Sony Corp (SNE) forecast "very, very strong" holiday sales for its video-game consoles in Europe, with high demand for the PlayStation 3. Andrew House, head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, said that European sales will help Sony exceed its target of selling 15 million PS3s in its fiscal year.

Panasonic to Re-Enter Portable Gaming Market

Panasonic (PC) will re-enter the portable gaming market after more than a decade with a hand-held device called "The Jungle." The device will be a clamshell, with a screen on one side and a keyboard on the other, TechCrunch reported.

Nintendo to Launch 3-D Game Device

Nintendo will release its 3-D gaming device in Japan in February of next year, with a March release date for the U.S. and Europe. Will gamers buy the 3-D devices? The jury is still out.

Disney Internet Chief Wadsworth Quits

The Walt Disney Company%u2019s (DIS) Internet chief resigned following a difficult tenure that included several shifts in strategy. Steve Wadsworth, president of the Disney Interactive Media Group, resigned last night, The New York Times reported.

Big Jump in the Sales of Games Via Download

Sales of digitally-downloaded video games are surging this year as cashed-strapped gamers buy fewer new titles from retailers in favor of cheaper games that may be purchased online. Game downloads saw a 37% rise in the first six months of 2010.

'Halo: Reach' Posts Launch-Day Sales of $200 Million

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) sold $200 million worth of its new videogame "Halo: Reach" on the game%u2019s launch day earlier this week. The game, the latest in the Halo series that pits human beings in combat against aliens, had the strongest first-day sales of any game or movie this year, Reuters reported.

Microsoft Seeking Chinese Search Engine Partner

Microsoft Corp (MSFT) is seeking a Chinese partner to help boost its presence in China%u2019s Internet-search market. Simon Leung, the company%u2019s CEO for greater China, told The Wall Street Journal that Microsoft plans to invest $100 million in Chinese companies, targeting sectors including software and cloud computing.

California Company Settles Charges of False iTunes Reviews

How much faith can you put in online reviews? A recent settlement suggests you may have reason to be wary. A California marketing company settled charges that it engaged in deceptive advertising by getting its employees to write favorable reviews of clients%u2019 games on the Apple (AAPL) iTunes Store, The New York Times reported. The reviews did not mention that the authors were being paid to write approving comments.