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Jeopardy! Challenge: Bettors Are Gambling on the Machine

IBM's supercomputer Watson racked up $5,000 in winnings on day one of the three-day Jeopardy! challenge Monday, but so did one of its human competitors. The human champs, Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings, face long odds -- at least according those betting their own money on the action.

Beating Watson: The Jeopardy Champs' Gameplan

Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter know how tough IBM's Watson supercomputer will be to defeat. But with the honor of the human race at stake next week, they both have strategies that they're counting on to outwit the ultra-brainy black box. Here's a look at how they're preparing for the ultimate challenge.

Dumb Moves at Fox's
Our Little Genius?

The Federal Communications Commission is investigating whether producers for a Fox game show called Our Little Genius fed trivia answers to young contestants. If the allegations are found true, it would be a near-inevitable consequence of the way televised fiction and non-fiction have melted into each other over the last few years.