g-20 summit toronto

G-20 Leaders Criticize Fed's $600 Billion QE2 Stimulus

The U.S. finds itself on the wrong side of the currency manipulation argument this week, as many G20 countries criticize the Fed's $600 billion bond buying plan, which could further devalue the dollar. World leaders say the move breaks the vow of unity made during the last G-20 summit.

G-20 Leaders Agree on Deficit-Cutting Timetable

Putting a united face on a divisive issue, the G-20 leaders meeting in Toronto agreed on Sunday to a schedule for reducing their budget gaps. The agreement doesn't entail hard deadlines. Rather, it sets up as a goal that the nations will cut their deficits in half by 2013.

Misguided Bullying of German Economic Policy

It's hard to top American politicians when it comes to strong-arming other countries about economic policy. The G-20 summit, where a showdown is brewing most pointedly between American and German camps, offers the latest vivid example.

U.S.-European Discord Could Hurt G-20 Reforms

Obama wants European governments to keep spending to stave off an economic slowdown. Europe, particularly Germany, doesn't want to hear about it. Expect a fractious debate at the Toronto summit meeting of G-20 industrial countries.

U.S. Issues G-20 Travel Alert for Americans

Canada is footing a huge bill to host the G-8 and G-20 summits in Huntsville, Ontario and Toronto on June 25-27. Still, the U.S. has issued a travel alert for Americans traveling to Toronto, angering Canadians across the country.