fuel efficiency

What's the Volt's MPG? There's No Easy Answer

Have your calculator and utility bill handy if you're keen on buying a Chevy Volt (or Nissan LEAF) and want to compare fuel costs between electric and gasoline cars. The EPA is still grappling with how to provide consumers with ratings comparable to the familiar MPG labels.

Ford Unveils Fuel-Efficient 2011 Explorer

Ford (F) will today reveal its 2011 Explorer, an attempt to build on the Explorer SUV brand while also appealing to fuel efficiency-concious crossover fans, especially families. The new Explorer will be more aerodynamic and with a more refined interior, The Free Press reported. It should deliver fuel-efficiency improvemetns of at least 25% compared with the outgoing model.

New Mileage Standards Come as Oil Prices Spike

The price at the pump may soon top $3 a gallon thanks to a crude oil rally. The higher prices come as car makers take stock of new regulations that will require them to achieve fuel efficiency of 35.5 miles a gallon 2016 -- an increase of nearly 10 mpg above current standards.

Is 'Cash for Clunkers' Gearing Up Again?

At the auto show in Detroit, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood "Cash for Clunkers" as "the most wildly successful program ever." The remarks suggest the guzzler trade-in program may not have driven into the sunset. But with a majority of Americans opposing it, a retread may not be the best idea.

Miles per gallon or gallons per mile?

Fuel efficiency has quickly become the most important factor for many people exploring car purchases, but it may not be as simple as we thought. A...