How Americans Earn Extra Money on the Side

With unemployment high, wages stagnant and costs rising, a growing number of Americans are working a part time job -- or more than one -- to make ends meet. 24/7 Wall St. dug through the data to see which industries are the best bets for those seeking part-time work -- and some may surprise you.

What Can You Get for $5? On Fiverr, Almost Anything

If all you need is $5 worth of expert help, Fiverr has your number. For the price of a fast-food combo meal, this online marketplace will connect you with someone to proofread your business plan, repair an HTML bug, or whatever you might need. With 500,000 listings, it seems almost any service can be sold in $5 increments.

The Joy of Contracting: Many Employers, No Safety Net

Job growth in the traditional market is tepid, but among contractors, freelancers and e-lancers, hiring is booming. Of course, if you go that route, that means you have to handle a host of things your employer used to, but there are ways to make it less of a chore -- and new companies looking to help.

2010's Person and Story of the Year, Plus a Bubble-Bursting Prediction for 2011

It's the season for reviewing the year that's ending and making predictions for the one ahead. On Tuesday, venture capitalist and DailyFinance columnist Peter Cohan was part of a TV panel that was asked: Who was the person of the year? What was the story of the year? And what will happen in 2011? Here are his answers.

People@Work: Today's Independent Workers Need a Safety Net

Freelancers like to work how and when they want. But that flexibility entails more than a few downfalls. A new Freelancers Union's report shows 81% of independents had little or no work, 40% had trouble collecting wages from clients, and 39% had either cut back or ended health coverage.

Why America's 42 Million Freelancers Need Help

New York-based Freelancers Union released a study on Tuesday that highlights the economic costs stemming from the lack of health care, insurance and other benefits that most full-time employees take for granted. And it calls for a series of reforms to put this vital part of the labor force on equal footing with other working Americans.

Know a good joke? Sell it to Letterman

"Man, times are tough. The economy is so bad that David Letterman is buying jokes online for $100 each. He might get more for his money by finding an...

Freelancers bringing home the bacon

No more discounted dental or a 401k match. No more access to an office vending machine selling Coke for 50 cents. And bye-bye color copier.Those were...